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Plastic makes our modern life possible, helping designers and engineers in finding lighter, stronger and safer solutions, necessary to sustain a global population increasing at an expedited rate. But if we are not able to manage it and dispose it properly, plastic waste can be harmful to people and to environment. As part to our sustainable approach to the industry, we have developed the VAMPGREEN™ family of flame retardant thermoplastic resins based on raw materials coming from post-consumer or post-industrial recycling or through the valorization of organic waste (vegetable waste, oil and fat residues etc.). Using our over 30 years of experience in formulating flame retardant materials, we have been able to create materials with quality levels according to our standards for prime based products, that can be used to design parts complying with requirements in the major industry sectors (Household Appliances, E&E, e-mobility and so on). For further information do not hesitate to contact us at Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.

GRADE Base Polymer Recycled / sustainable content UL 94 rating GWIT Density Tensile modulus Tensile Strength Elongation @ break
VAMPGREEN P 00U RC V0 28 2S 03 PP 30% V0 (1,6mm) 775/1-2 1,07 1800 18 > 30
VAMPGREEN P 00U RC V0 28 2S 07 PP 70% V0 (3,2mm) 775/1-2 1,07 1800 18 > 30
VAMPGREEN P 25G RC V0 28 2S 04 PP 40% V0 (1,6mm) 775/1-2 1,29 6000 55 > 2,5
VAMPGREEN Y 30G RC V0 28 1S 04 PA6.6 40% V0 (0,8mm) - 1,42 10500 130 2,5
VAMPGREEN N1 30G SF V0 28 02 PA6.10 20% V0 (0,8mm) - 1,42 10000 120 2,5
VAMPGREEN J 30G SF V0 28 02 PA10T 20% V0 (0,8mm) 775/1-2 1,40 11000 120 1,8
VAMPGREEN H 00U SF V0 28 06 E HDPE 60% V0 (1,6mm) - 1,14 1500 15 > 20
VAMPGREEN H 00U 09 SF V0 28 04 E HDPE 40% V0 (1,6mm) - 1,14 1500 15 > 20
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Tel.: +39 039 6957821
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